One major feature that seems to be missing from Google Analytics is the ability to track out-clicks or clicks on external links. Here’s a simple way to set it up so you can track out-clicks.

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A quick and simple way to solve the problem of duplicate emails in Apple Mail (and other desktop email clients?) by eliminating the All Mail and other [Gmail] folders.

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Well, for a number of years now we have been making our announcements, website launches, etc on this WordPress blog. I have never felt it was ideal as we prefer to use our own solutions if possible and it always struck me as a little ironic that we, a design company, didn’t even design the theme we use.

These days are over. We are very happy to announce the launch of our new website which includes a blog, news, portfolio and more. It’s got a few rough edges which we will be ironing out over the next few days (and weeks and months no doubt!) and we welcome your feedback through the comments here or on our announcement page on the new site.

Check it out:

It’s been one of the biggest downside of extensive Flash use in websites but Google have just announced that they will begin indexing Flash content including menus, buttons, banners and self-contained Flash-based websites.

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And they’re already making improvements:

Flash is a fantastic tool but let’s hope we don’t see a big resurgence of the Flash-for-Flash’s-sake sites from the 90s.

Apple today announced the launch of the new 3G iPhone with roll-out in 70 countries worldwide including New Zealand.

Apple iPhone 3G

What this means for New Zealanders is that we now can get (legitimately) what is arguably the best mobile phone on the market. It will be offered by Vodafone with rumours Telecom may get some kind of deal to offer them as well.

Full details are already available on the Apple New Zealand website,