Check out the great article Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat on the New York Times website.

“Young urbanites, learning that dirt can also be soil, are using their Carhartts as originally intended.”

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Native Harmonics

March 12, 2008


Native Harmonics, a New Zealand based record label and collective of conscious beings behind the Luminate ’08 festival. (LUMINATE: to spread light, elevate spiritual consciousness, put a smile on your face, festival of Music, Art, Dance, Creativity and Sustainability.)

Native Harmonics has also recently released the CD; The Heartbeat of the Canaan Downs Festival, Takaka Hill, Nelson,(Native Harmonics Records).

URL: I want to be playing until the age of 80…” So are the words from then the 7 year old who was about to record his first CD ‘William Alive’.Now 10 William’s passion for music has seen tramatic changes over the last few years with the ongoing help from his piano, jazz and singing teachers. Since 5 years old William has been knocking out interesting tunes far beyond his age; Knight Rider (later revamped as Just Jazz) was one of his first tunes at five, age 6 brought his very popular Bacon & Eggs, along with that award wining composition ‘Shark Catching The Rainbow Fish’.From classicial he soon became aware of jazz and blues, more recently rock and roll, so his diverse in playing almost anything is much to his credit, and for those of us who are following him into the great wide open can listen and enjoy what this young guy can perform in the future.


As part of their effort to spread the message about reducing landfill waste by using re-usable shopping bags, the Golden Bay Bag Ladies—in conjunction with the Green Teens of Nelson—have created an exhibition of hand-painted cloth bags. There are some wonderful creations from all different people including young children, professional artists, sports people, families….

The physical exhibition has been to Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, and will be coming to The Wholemeal Café in Takaka, Golden Bay this week. If you’re in Takaka, swing by the Wholemeal and check it out at 60 Commercial Street, Takaka, Golden Bay.

All the Golden Bay bags will be auctioned at the upcoming Totally Local market in Golden Bay.


Nerana is an awakened Channel for assisting others towards enlightenment. She has been teaching both privately and professionally for over twenty-four years.

She is an Etheric Healer, Clairvoyant and a Medium of the Highest Order.

Through lectures, study groups and meditations, as well as private sessions, she assists in bringing knowledge both personal and Universal to all.

Born a natural visionary, clairvoyant and teacher, her desire is to aid in the realignment of Mankind with the true source of their Being and to assist with the healing of the Planet through working with the Delvic Angelic Kingdom.

She is a Channel for New Age teachings and guidance and a source of information from the Ascended Teachers of Higher Knowledge and Light.