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Bella Designs uses internationally renowned Marimekko fabrics designed and screenprinted in finland


Marimekko is a funky 1950’s designer fabric and looks fabulous as wall hangings or cushions spread throughout all aspects of living areas within your home or work space. with bold, vibrant colours and distinctive, simple designs these fabrics can become the highlight of any environment.

Marimekko was founded by Armi and her husband Vijlo Ratia and established in 1951. The companies business concept emerged from a strong desire to create something new, unique, long-lasting & beautiful for post-war Finland.


Fabrics (used by bella designs) are designed by Maija Isola (1927 – 2001) and her daughter Kristina Isola (b. 1946).


Wall hangings

Wall hangings are marimekko designed 100% cotton, stretched across lightweight frames.


Cushions are marimekko designed 100% cotton, 100% feather inners.