We are developing the Lucid Directory and, to make it better and encourage people to spread the word, we are trialling a referral program. If you want to earn a little cash, feel free to sign-up. We intend to make the Lucid Directory one of the best tourism directories in New Zealand.

The way it works is that once you sign-up, you will be given a simple referral link that you can put on your blog, email out or do whatever you want with.

We will credit NZD $10.00 (incl. GST) to your account for anyone who takes out a paid subscription within 30 days of clicking your referral link. Simple as that.

Find out more about what makes the Lucid Directory different.

Small group biking holidays in Africa, New Zealand, Chile & China.

Escape Adventures are a small New Zealand based company. They are passionate about biking and driven by the reward that comes from leading the sort of cycling adventure that will touch your soul and you’ll remember forever.

John and Mandy have researched biking routes and nurtured relationships so you can truly immerse yourself in your mountain biking or cycling trip and make your own unique personal encounter.

Their biking routes are made up of a range of dirt, 4 wheel drive and paved roads suitable for anyone with a good fitness level. The biking trips are guided and catered by them and fully vehicle supported so you can experience the best of the landscape, people, culture and wildlife with the comfort and security of a vehicle to carry your gear, or you if you need a break from cycling.

A maximum of 10 bikers (plus Escape crew) ensures that your biking adventure is a personal one and they minimise their impact on the environments and communities they visit.

Small groups also mean that Escape Adventures can offer the best of themselves, always provide fresh and healthy meals, and keep their equipment in top condition.

Their new website can be viewed at www.escapeadventures.co.nz. Check it out.

Even if you don’t sign up for one of their fantastic adventures, be sure to check out their great photos in their photo library.

URL: www.livenz.co.nz

Lucid Design has fully redeveloped the LiveNZ website from the ground up with new branding and a whole new look.

From their website:
Until now, you may have found it very difficult to find out what migrating to New Zealand really entailed. The fact is that no amount of endless scouring of the web for free information will give you what really happens when you make the move. We can not tell you either, but with our assistance and that of our previous clients, we will discuss the highs and lows with you.

The benefits LiveNZ offer
You will save time
You will save money
You will endure less stress
You will find a home quicker
You will be employed quicker
You will find a school quicker
You will open a bank account quicker
You will find more confidence in your move

Lucid Directory update

May 26, 2006

URL: www.luciddirectory.net.nz

The Lucid Directory project is still in the BETA stage but it is getting closer to being complete in its first incarnation.

Recent additions include the tag cloud, use of members’ images in the banner, addition of images for individual listings, list of all Lucid Directory directories.

Please feel free to offer comments and suggestions via the comment feature on this blog if you have any ideas for the Lucid Directory project.

Also, if you would like to take part in the BETA, please let me know.

Lucid Directory

December 22, 2005

Main URL: www.luciddirectory.net.nz

The Lucid Directory project has been launched in BETA stage to start gathering feedback from potential users.

Lucid Directory is an online web directory for small businesses in New Zealand and offers the following sections at this stage:

One of the unique features of this system is that there are direct links to the sections that exclude the other categories. This is very beneficial for those who wish to link to the Lucid Directory but do not want to send their website visitors off to another site and potentially off to the competition.

Lucid Directory offers RSS feeds for each category so travel trade operators can keep an eye on newly added businesses and organisations.

As I said before, this is very much in BETA stage at the moment and I would appreciate any feedback people might have.