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With the iPhone just months away from being released in New Zealand, I’ve done a quick test of the Carpool New Zealand website, http://www.carpoolnz.org, and, surprisingly, the more-than-three-year-old interface seems to hold up pretty well on the little screen. See image:

Carpool NZ in iPhone

I’m interested to know how many users in New Zealand, A, already have iPhones and, B, are likely to make use of a carpooling website with an iPhone in the near future.

I can see it would be nice to rework the interface for the iPhone to make information easier to access and perhaps easier to read.

I am curious to know through the comments on this site who carpools or has considered doing so. I’m interested to know also what people’s thoughts are regarding safety, privacy etc when using a website like Carpool New Zealand. What would you like to see changed there to make it easier to use?

Check out the great article Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat on the New York Times website.

“Young urbanites, learning that dirt can also be soil, are using their Carhartts as originally intended.”

Lucid Design has created two websites for Severine: www.pixiepoppins.org and www.agrariana.org.

Lucid Design has setup a little online shop where we will be adding some of the books and resources we use each day as well as little products we have produced.

We will also be bringing out a range of ecological recycled paper products for New Zealand businesses wishing to be a bit nicer to the environment with regards to their office supplies.

Keep an eye on the website at shop.luciddesign.co.nz