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Somewhere beneath the stars known as the Southern Cross…On an Island in the South Pacific you will find what people around the world call Heaven on Earth. Eagles Nest is that place.Check out the recently converted Eagles Nest website offering a fantastic new ‘article’s’ page, allowing you to view articles written about the award winning magical ‘Heaven on Earth’ set in the top of New Zealand’s North Island.

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HEARTPOWER’s new shop has just gone live with a full range of their products and the ability to pay for and book events. Products include their latest book, HEART POWER, A User’s Guide to Life, and their latest CD package consisting of three 3-CD sets. Take a look at shop.heartpower.net for more information or to order now.

HEARTPOWER has two web videos available at the following links:

2006 Testimonials:

Pathways TV interview with Sandra and Daniel:

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“Caring for Couples in Mind, Body, and Spirit”

Surrounded by waterfront bush reserve, Keewaydin is a serene holistic health retreat in Northland, New Zealand. We offer accommodation, massage, tai chi, naturopathy, counselling, outdoor activities, sustainable living practices and more. Self-contained or hosted.

URL: www.heartpower.net

The long-awaited new website for Heartpower with Sandra and Daniel Biskind is now online.

From their homepage:

Make the conscious choice to change your life forever

In a ground breaking approach to inner development that accelerates the evolution of humanity into progressively higher states of consciousness, The Heartpower Process takes you beyond enlightenment, into Integrated Wholeness.

Using focused transmissions of the Integrated Wholeness white light energy and inspired regression and enquiry practices, The Heartpower Process assists you in naturally resolving dysfunctional personality issues that act like a weight on consciousness.

The Heartpower Process permanently raises consciousness, evolving brain function and accessing the power of the heart. Claim your birthright to live in a state of peace, love and joy from an enlightened perspective. Use the simple yet powerful tools of The Heartpower Process in everyday life to continuously evolve the soul, bringing you more and more deeply into a state of balance and wholeness – where your heart’s desires naturally manifest and where true healing happens.

“Change your point of reference from the head to the heart, where true peace resides.”