For those of you who have been supporting Baku for years, you may have noticed that their online shop has been “coming soon” for a very long time…. about four years I believe in fact.

The time has finally come to do something about it and Lucid Design has taken up the task of making it happen.

We hope to launch the new site with full shopping cart facility within the next two weeks.

If you would like to be notified of the launch of the new Baku website, please visit and enter your email address.

We have been working with Shopify for almost two years now and have developed a number of sites built in Shopify. It is a fantastic system that is getting better all the time. For those who need a simple, fully functional shopping cart system, Shopify is perfect. It might not be endlessly customisable but it’s pretty fantastic.

Shopify is built in Ruby on Rails and uses the Liquid templating system which was actually developed by these guys specifically for Shopify.

Shopify is perfect for boutique shops, artists, wineries or anyone else starting out selling online.

For more information on Shopify, check out their online brochure or contact us.


Grazie Gifts has launched their fantastic range of New Zealand gift baskets just in time for the Holiday season. They have a wide range of baskets perfect for this time of year.

From their website

Situated in the sunny Bay of Plenty, Grazie gifts came about as we decided we needed a little something extra in our lives – something we were passionate about, something we enjoyed doing, and something that would make people smile – and Grazie gifts was born.

We aim to scour high and low or North and South to find great tasting gourmet treats that not only look good but get those taste buds screaming, those perfect pamper products that will delighted you and awaken your senses.

We will be adding more products soon so keep checking back to see what we have uncovered in the great gift hunt.

Lucid Design has setup a little online shop where we will be adding some of the books and resources we use each day as well as little products we have produced.

We will also be bringing out a range of ecological recycled paper products for New Zealand businesses wishing to be a bit nicer to the environment with regards to their office supplies.

Keep an eye on the website at

URL: I want to be playing until the age of 80…” So are the words from then the 7 year old who was about to record his first CD ‘William Alive’.Now 10 William’s passion for music has seen tramatic changes over the last few years with the ongoing help from his piano, jazz and singing teachers. Since 5 years old William has been knocking out interesting tunes far beyond his age; Knight Rider (later revamped as Just Jazz) was one of his first tunes at five, age 6 brought his very popular Bacon & Eggs, along with that award wining composition ‘Shark Catching The Rainbow Fish’.From classicial he soon became aware of jazz and blues, more recently rock and roll, so his diverse in playing almost anything is much to his credit, and for those of us who are following him into the great wide open can listen and enjoy what this young guy can perform in the future.