Check out the great article Leaving Behind the Trucker Hat on the New York Times website.

“Young urbanites, learning that dirt can also be soil, are using their Carhartts as originally intended.”

Lucid Design has created two websites for Severine: and


Mainland Fresh are growers and processors of fresh baby salad greens in the fertile, sun-drenched plains of Nelson and Marlborough.


This is a highly practical, spiritually enriching course, where participants put directly into practice in-situ what they learn theoretically. Teaching style is interactive, reflective, dynamic and fun. Each day includes classroom tutoring, outdoor practical activities, community building and self-directed study. The course includes the standard international two week Permaculture Design Certificate curriculum, spread in an integrated way over the full duration, culminating in a main design project, applied on Tui land. The main teachers are Tui Community resdents and international permaculture tutors, Robina McCurdy and Huckleberry Leonard. [Read more]