For those of you who have been supporting Baku for years, you may have noticed that their online shop has been “coming soon” for a very long time…. about four years I believe in fact.

The time has finally come to do something about it and Lucid Design has taken up the task of making it happen.

We hope to launch the new site with full shopping cart facility within the next two weeks.

If you would like to be notified of the launch of the new Baku website, please visit and enter your email address.

URL: Kiwi SummerI have put a collection of photos from a week spent at Totaranui in the Abel Tasman National Park. These images capture the essence of camping in New Zealand with hot sunny summer days at the beach and good ol’ Kiwi fry-ups. 


Mainland Fresh are growers and processors of fresh baby salad greens in the fertile, sun-drenched plains of Nelson and Marlborough.


The Grain Mill Company has recently redesigned their website from the ground up with a fully-integrated shopping cart system. They have added to their range and now, along with the full range of stone flour mills and grain flakers from Eschenfelder and Schnitzer, they offer books on baking and wholefoods and baking and milling accessories.

The Grain Mill Company now also delivers whole organic grains anywhere in New Zealand.

Lucid Design would like to share with you all the news that Roger Melvin from Wild Health will be presenting the first of a four-part series on the Good Morning Show on TV ONE.

Check out the Good Morning page on the TVNZ website for more information or to watch it online:

Good luck Roger!