Proposed Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing Amendment

February 11, 2008

I just received the following email from Rose Hobden of LTNZ in relation to the Carpool NZ website. I don’t really see how it will affect carpooling but perhaps I am missing something from just looking at the summary. Comments are welcome.

I am writing to let you know that the yellow draft of Land Transport Rule: Operator Licensing Amendment (Rule 81001/1) is available for public comment.

The proposed Rule amendment has five components. It would:

  • require a vehicle that is involved in a service that is subject to transport service licensing, to display a Transport Service Licence (TSL) card;
  • provide for Area Knowledge Certificates to be more relevant to the areas in which operators work;
  • exempt an Approved Taxi Organisation from requiring a person in control to hold a Certificate of Knowledge of Law and Practice in specified circumstances;
  • require all operators of taxi services to belong to an approved taxi organisation; and
  • prohibit ‘special interest vehicles’ from being used in a transport service.

You are welcome to call the Land Transport NZ Help Desk on freephone 0800 699 000 to obtain a copy of the draft Rule. The draft Rule will also be available, with supporting information, on the Land Transport NZ website at <>.

We look forward to receiving your comments on this draft Rule. To help you, details on making a submission are included in the overview. It would be appreciated if you could send your submission by email, or by using the on-line submission form on the above website. Postal submissions, however, are also acceptable. Please note the closing date for submissions, which is 7 March 2008.


Rose Hobden
Team Administrator – Rules Team
Land Transport NZ


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