Is down??

December 6, 2007

This is very strange but when I go to, I get the following message:This is a DoubleClick advertising server. Click here for the DoubleClick home page.Click here for privacy information.Click here to report suspicious phishing activity.  This is very odd. I noticed something was up when I tried to do a search at is powered by Google) and it showed no results. I then also tried to do a search in the Apple Safari search field and just got a 1 x 1px file called search.gif. Something very strange seems to be is still up and running fine.Any ideas what’s going on here? 


2 Responses to “Is down??”

  1. I think blogger is down on these days.. havent seen any issues with google. ( We use here..[actually gets redirected])

  2. Galen said

    I am now getting the same message when I visit This is very strange and seems a little suspicious. Anyone else experienced anything like this? I’ve tried visiting PayPal from different browsers and same problem but one of my staff has no issues whatsoever. I was using PayPal fine up until now and then it just throws this up. I can visit but when I login I get a 404 Server error.

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