LiveNZ – New Zealand immigration and employment specialists and advisers

May 17, 2007


Lucid Design has fully redeveloped the LiveNZ website from the ground up with new branding and a whole new look.

From their website:
Until now, you may have found it very difficult to find out what migrating to New Zealand really entailed. The fact is that no amount of endless scouring of the web for free information will give you what really happens when you make the move. We can not tell you either, but with our assistance and that of our previous clients, we will discuss the highs and lows with you.

The benefits LiveNZ offer
You will save time
You will save money
You will endure less stress
You will find a home quicker
You will be employed quicker
You will find a school quicker
You will open a bank account quicker
You will find more confidence in your move


2 Responses to “LiveNZ – New Zealand immigration and employment specialists and advisers”

  1. Sajan said

    what qualifications needed 4 nz immigration officer?



    I am looking for a quick response and immigration as well as employment in New Zealand as soon as possible, pls. send me the details of your fees and what services u can render to me for the same and how much it would take to settle down, also I would like to know how your firm can help me in this context, I would like to obtain a dual citizenship, I already hold an Indian Passport, also would like to hold the New Zealand Passport as well, if your company can help me in this context I will be greatful to you for life, as I have faced big problems yet could sustain and overcome the same as such.

    Please send the relevant information as soon as possible.

    Thanks and warm regards,

    S. K. Basrur
    Mumbai, India.

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