Eco Bag Art online exhibition

April 10, 2007


As part of their effort to spread the message about reducing landfill waste by using re-usable shopping bags, the Golden Bay Bag Ladies—in conjunction with the Green Teens of Nelson—have created an exhibition of hand-painted cloth bags. There are some wonderful creations from all different people including young children, professional artists, sports people, families….

The physical exhibition has been to Te Papa, New Zealand’s national museum, and will be coming to The Wholemeal Café in Takaka, Golden Bay this week. If you’re in Takaka, swing by the Wholemeal and check it out at 60 Commercial Street, Takaka, Golden Bay.

All the Golden Bay bags will be auctioned at the upcoming Totally Local market in Golden Bay.


One Response to “Eco Bag Art online exhibition”

  1. The elderly lady whom I baptized Margaret
    (she totally looked like a Margaret) had
    a bag that was way too heavy for her to carry around.
    Of course, it was probably full of things she didn’t even realize were there.
    It probably had living creatures inside.
    Which immediately made me think of my mom and my grandma’s bags :)

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