Clean Earth Soap

November 3, 2006


Clean Earth Soap is hand-made in Golden Bay, New Zealand. Over half our soap base is made from moisturising olive oil, which is combined with certified organic coconut oil and certified organic palm oil. We then add a range of essential oils (real smells), clays and plant butters to delight your skin even more!

Clean Earth contains 50% olive oil, this oil has hydrophilic properties which means it attracts and retains moisture, not only to your skin but to the bar as well. Storing the soap in dry conditions—hint the airing cupboard—and using a wire soap dish will guarantee a long life. Many people say the bars far out-last commercial soap.

Bars are a net weight of 85g when packed and 5-bar and 10-bar Eco-Packs are available—economical and less packaging!


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