An excerpt from Teachings from Elder Friends

June 28, 2006

Our hope is that this series will become a step forward in the path of self
growth, which will in turn enable each and everyone of you to develop
all of the Truth that resides within all of you.

In sincere humility and deepest friendship, Ashma and I seek to illuminate
many of the less spoken of pitfalls along the road of the one who seeks
to grow and to become a true friend to the rest of humanity.

We trust therefore that this small book will be but a beginning for many
of you and from there on there shall be absolutely no stopping you.

We trust also that you will endeavour to put into your daily lives, some
of that which we know will seem at first strange to you. But we issue
you with a solemn promise, that if you will have faith in what we say,
you will begin to realize that you can and do now create all that is in
your present, past and future realities….

Teachings from Elder Friends by Mahitma and Ashma, Beings of Light—channelled through Nerana Atara


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