Salve Healings website beginings

February 15, 2006


Franceska Francinca has recently launched her new CD. Her website is still in the process but CDs can be ordered by email until the ordering system is up and running.

From her homepage:


An offer by Franceska Francina living in New Zealand

Yes I am so excited this specific CD is ready here for you!

On this new CD I am sharing my love and knowledge of the transformative qualities of the sounds of the Tibetan bowls and my love for singing sacred phrases.

On this 12 track CD are also chimes, rainsticks and drum included.
A sung prayer, chant and mantra complete this beautiful new CD with only acoustic music.

Planet Earth is – as you may know – going up in frequency. This healing, high frequency, music helps you to keep aligned and attuned to Gaia’ s changes.
Listening to this music can help you to resonate on the same frequency.

What an enjoyable way to give yourself this energetic, vibrational and spiritual care.

Have a great journey…Just relax while giving your soul a treat!



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