November 23, 2005


NgAng Art is all about the art of Living, Life as it is, and Life’s natural beauty, as well as Love, Peace, and all that stuff.

Greetings. I am NgAng of Golden Bay in New Zealand. I discovered my true home here in the Bay in 2002, after 49 eventful years in Perth and the southwest of Western Australia.

I live harmoniously in this beautiful paradise with my angelic partner Lethea, whose creativity includes writing, photography, and music, particularly the harp.

I invite you on an epic journey through artistic impressions and expressions from my life experiences, both from the conscious-physical and subconscious-spiritual levels. In my work, I use all the interrelated forms of Visual Arts, Literature, Music, Dance, and the Performing Arts.

As this website evolves, I will include the Arts for Healing, the Art of Politics, and the importance of the arts of gardening and preparing food in our daily lives. Initially, however, the site features the Visual Arts, from my first painting in the mid 1970s to the present.

By clicking on the options offered or by a keyword search, you may view my work in several different ways: chronologically, by subject matter, by medium, by format, or by style (contemporary or representational).

I invite you to contact me with queries about prices and availability of original art, prints, or cards, to give feedback on my art, or to offer your suggestions for making this website better serve your needs.

Please visit my contact page if you would like to contact me.

Special thanks to Galen King of Lucid Design in Golden Bay, for designing and setting up this website. Thanks also to Lethea for her assistance throughout.


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