EcoSmarte from Water Care Naturally, New Zealand

November 16, 2005


Water Care Naturally is the New Zealand Master Distributor for a range of EcoSmarte water treatment products that utilise a time-tested technology that combines ionization and oxygenation to produce purified, chemical-free, non-chlorinated water.

EcoSmarte is the best non-salt, non-chemical water technology…

  • No more burning eyes
  • No more dry and damaged hair
  • No more toxic chemical smell
  • System fits all pools and spas

Control Box

Ionisation and Oxygenation Chamber

EcoSmarte is a water treatment system that uses ionisation and oxygen to produce purified, chemical-free, non-chlorinated water.

Installations are individually designed to accommodate various source water qualities, pressures and capacities.

Systems consist of a control box, one or more oxygenation and ionisation chambers and one or more self-cleaning microprocessor-controlled filtration units.
An optional CO2 feed for pH control can be added if required.

Take a look at the list of features and possible applications.

Technical details can be viewed in Sarva Keller’s (EcoSmarte Australia) Swimming Pool Issues PDF document.

Mission Statement

Water Care Naturally is a company dedicated to helping people find solutions to protect the quality of their water. Water is one of our Planet’s most precious resources without which life on planet Earth would cease to exist.


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