Cape Farewell Horse Treks

October 11, 2005


We have owned and operated our business with our kids (Ange, Melody and Cass) for the last 14 years. The kids have all moved on, but we now have a couple of grandsons (Dylan and Seth) kicking around with us, which is great. We just love having them round….

Don and I reckon we live in the most beautiful place in New Zealand. We were lucky enough to have bought our farm some 17 years ago. We began life at Puponga with a “bull beef unit” (cattle), but moved onto the horse trekking a couple of years later. It is a very family-orientated business, and our main focus is on having a great time and giving people a chance to live their dreams, something we Kiwis don’t realise…that we are so lucky to live here.

Don and I still get a real buzz out of watching a rider who has waited a lifetime to gallop down Wharariki Beach. The feeling is just “bloody awesome”.

We are, I guess, very proud Kiwis. We reckon we live in the best place in the world. We love the lifestyle we’ve created and have the ultimate job.

We look forward to meeting you, and showing you our corner of New Zealand.


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