Gifted Talented Conference 2006

September 30, 2005


On behalf of the Ministry of Education and the Conference Organising Committee I invite you to attend the National Gifted and Talented Conference for 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand.

The theme of our conference is ‘nurturing our gifted culture’ and we would love you to join us in the vibrant capital city of Wellington as we work towards this aim.

In the last few years we have made some wonderful progress in the field of gifted education, thanks to the efforts of the Ministry and many, many individuals throughout New Zealand. We should surely be looking at this as a time of celebration. But we need to continue to nurture our gifted children and the conference provides an opportunity to build communities who will work towards this aim.

This conference is a chance to move forward as we foster relationships with all those in the field, set up networks and learn from each other.

We welcome teachers, researchers, parents, support staff such as Resource Teachers of Learning and Behaviour, psychologists, counsellors and anyone who has an interest in and passion for nurturing our gifted students. Here is a chance to listen to international and national experts, to hear about effective practice in schools and early childhood centres, to find out about the latest national research and to gain knowledge about issues that affect parents of gifted children.

Join us to share your experiences, form new partnerships and to make sure that our gifted children continue to be ‘rising tides’.

Louise Tapper
Conference Organising Committee


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