Cranfield Insurance & Investments Ltd.

September 10, 2005


Our business was established in 1988, and became a Limited Liability Company in 1998. We now have over 17 years experience in this industry coupled with continued education and training to supply the best advice, recommendation and service to our clients.

We specialise in managing risk, finances and investing for our clients. With over 1,500 clients, both within NZ and overseas, and managing over $25 million of their investments, we are significant players.

As we are brokers, we do not just offer you products from one company. Instead, we offer you the best product available to suit your needs from a variety of providers. You receive the best product at the best price from the best performer in all cases. We will do the research for you and then offer you the final choice from our recommendations. We deal with 12 mortgage finance companies, 12 insurance companies and 15 other financial institutions.

We are very capable of looking after the financial and the investing needs of our clients.

We can offer our clients complete financial packages from Mortgages, Life Insurance, Investing through to Debentures. This complete and comprehensive list is set out on the left.


One Response to “Cranfield Insurance & Investments Ltd.”

  1. That’s quite an accomplicement. Good luck in your insurance ventures in the future!

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