March 23, 2005

URL: www.pujjis.com

Come and stretch out, unravel and unwind at Pujjis. Where you can take time for yourself, and take time for each other.

Boutique accommodation and wellness retreat in secluded natural surroundings. The hills, native trees and the music of the river as it flows past the veranda, and all just eight minutes from Nelson.

Experience the pleasure of having us customise your stay, whether you simply need time away or assistance in resolving stress. Never more than eight quests at one time, you will feel unhurried as you take advantage of the services and activities available.

Rediscover ease and comfort in your body with bodywork and postural awareness.
Relax and relieve tension with massage, yoga and mediation
Rejuvenate and cleanse with organic juice fasting
Reconnect and enjoy greater intimacy through conscious communication and couple support
Snooze in the hammock on the deck, soak in the hot tub overlooking the river ?.
Arvind and Jane Pujji, your highly trained and experienced hosts, are available to assist you

… The choice is yours…


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