January 10, 2005

URL: www.timberworksnz.com

At Timberworks our artisians create Crafted Timber Frames. Normally hidden, the Crafted Timber Frame is the structural framework and is made up of large timber posts, beams and rafters which are the major design feature, creating their own spacious ambience. Timbers are connected with hand-crafted mortise and tenon joinery which is fastened with hardwood pegs.  Joinery is what most distinguishes the Crafted Timber Frames from other post-and-beam construction.

All work is carried out at our Ruby Bay workshop and can be transported and raised nationwide. We work with home builders throughout the planning and design stages, finding the very best way to incorporate Crafted Timber Frame into projects. We also provide a full design and engineering service for all of our work.

Project Scope 
  • Full frame (Residential homes & Public Buildings)
  • Hybrid frame (partial Timber Frame i.e. great room, living room)
  • Guest House/Cottages
  • Additions
  • Trusses
  • Gazebos
  • Outdoor Structures (Bridges & Archways)
  • Custom Woodworking

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