Soul Sanctuary

October 16, 2004


We live in Golden Bay on the northwest coast of the South Island of New Zealand. In Maori mythology, the South Island is the waka (or canoe) of the gods and the hook of Farewell Spit, at the most northerly tip of the island, is the prow of the ship. Here in Golden Bay we are heading into the unknown, pushing back the edge of change and engaging in the evolution of consciousness and sustainable community.

We believe that a conscious, creative culture with a positive vision for the future, is emerging and that we can all be stewards in this birthing process. We believe that sharing inner experience, finding a common language and discovering shared meanings, are keys to unlocking our collective transformational capability. Our intention is to create learning communities which serve our highest visions.

A Soul Sanctuary is a safe, nurturing environment in which people from near and far come together to support each other to be more present, more conscious, more empowered and more enlightened. It’s a place for people who want to explore what’s happening on our Planet and how we’re responding individually and collectively to the crisis and transition we’re in. It’s a place to step out of the roles, habits and mental paradigms which limit and restrict us, and be real in relationships. It’s a sacred space to be generous with self, share our gifts, share food, have fun and adventures and deep conversations with people and nature.

Golden Bay is a far cry from the stressful edge-living of city dwellers – the race against time, the long haul of commuter traffic, the competitive struggle for survival. With its stunning light, pristine beaches, abundant bush and open skies, Golden Bay has a special energy that draws people who desire a different way of living and are ready to create it. It’s an ideal place at any time of year to let go, relax and re-source. As you release the pressures of everyday life and connect with a deeper level of Being, you contact the source of love, wisdom, wellness and guidance within.

We offer retreats, workshops and gatherings in Golden Bay. Yet Soul Sanctuary can be created anywhere – in inner cities, trouble spots, personal relationships, work teams – anywhere where people want to discover more meaning, more purpose, more connection with self and other, more community.

Our courses and learning events are also available throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Human beings are works of genius in the making – join us in creating transformational learning communities. Experiment, co-create, be an artist, give voice to our collective genius and direction – Come Soul surfing in Paradise!


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