Carpooling, New Zealand

April 23, 2004


Welcome to the Carpool New Zealand ride-share website.

NEW – There is now a Carpool New Zealand discussion forum where people can discuss anything relating to carpooling, sharing rides, transport etc in New Zealand or around the world. The URL for the forum is

If you are going somewhere and don’t want to or can’t drive, check here to see if anyone is going too! Perhaps you could share a ride and therefor save petrol and money and ultimately, perhaps, make a little contribution to keeping the planet a little greener.

This site is available nation-wide and is designed to simply help people share rides around New Zealand. It is basic: there is a list of people who can offer rides and there is a list of people who are looking for rides. Pretty simple.

In the future, if there is a demand, perhaps a search feature will be added to make it easier to find rides.

In response to feedback I have received, a ‘repeated listing’ feature has been added to the sign-up form that enables you to add a listing that reoccurs – such as, for examples, on the last Friday of the month; or, every second Thursday. This means that people who commute (even if it’s just down the road) to work can perhaps connect with someone who regularly drives the same route as them.

I think that carpooling (or ride-sharing) will become more popular, and more necessary, as petrol prices continue to rise and driving becomes less affordable. It really does make sense to fill the seats – especially when travelling long distances – and it will also sometimes save you money since most people will be happy to contribute a small amount towards petrol (which wouldn’t happen with hitchhiking).

Happy carpooling!


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